Corporate Information
Delta Physics Research® is the acknowledged industry leader in pioneering research. Our professional staff uses the most advanced equipment and technology available to provide you, our client, with premier leading edge innovations for your scientific needs.

Corporate Head Office

Delta Physics Research®
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Delta Physics Research® (Worldwide)

Janice Lynn Clanfield
Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board

Barbara Louise Schueler
President, Global Operations & Research

International Offices
In offices around the globe, our scientific research teams are continually adding to our warehouse of knowledge in the fields of physics, atomic particle theory, thermodynamics, molecular and cellular integration, gravitational studies, DNA and viral discoveries, as well as a host of other poorly understood physical anomalies.
Delta Physics Research® (Western U.S. Operations)

Michael Funke
Executive Director, Western U.S. Operations and Concerns Coordinator of Serial Automation and Corporate Association
Delta Physics Research® (Western Europe)

Robin Clanfield
Chief Operations Officer, Western European Division

Delta Physics Research® (Eastern Europe)

Lee Baxter
Executive Director of Operations, Eastern European Division

Board of Directors

Lee Baxter
Executive Director, Covert Technical Operations, Eastern European Division
(Prague, Czech Republic)

John Beveridge
Executive Vice-President, Director of Research (Northern Laboratory)

Amy Catherine Clanfield
Member, Board of Directors and Chief Research Scientist (Worldwide)

Janice Lynn Clanfield
Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board (Worldwide)

Robin Clanfield
Chief Operating Officer, European Division
(Wheatly, Oxford, England)

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